Chapter 35 - Blog Rants about Usury

Interest Slavery - Anthony Migchels 2012

"The 80% poorest people pay more interest than they receive to the richest 10%. And within the richest 10% bracket, the 'poorest' 8% pay more interest than they receive to the richest 1%. And even within the richest 1% bracket, the 'poorest' 0,8% pay more interest than they receive to the richest 0,1%.

So all the interest eventually ends up with the Plutocracy at the very top of the food chain.

This wealth transfer is going on both on a national and international level.

At this point the poorest 80% pay an estimated 5 to 10 Trillion dollars per year to the richest 10%. And all this money eventually ends up with the ultra rich." [361]

redpill 2013

"Private usury has been warring on humanity for thousands of years. This is why Jews, Christians and Muslims all forbid usury before they were corrupted by that very same power." [350]

redpill 2013

"Farmers in western Massachusetts owed debts to the same Boston area financial interests. The same debt courts were foreclosing on their farms with the same sheriffs enforcing the same noxious, unpayable, usury-based contracts." [350]


"We live in usurious times. The powerful have preyed on the poor, and those in positions of authority have allowed them to do so. Families are being driven from their homes. Those without the means to pay for health care leave their families to the mercy of debt collectors. Education, which should nourish the wisdom for which God made us, leaves many of us with a lifetime of debt. Corporations buy and sell the right to pollute God's creation for profit, passing on an unpayable debt to future generations.

It is time to recall our tradition's ancient prohibition of usury-the sin of unjust lending, of profiting from the burdens of debtors. We do so without prejudice or hatred, but for the sake of the common good. While speaking out on many other matters, people of faith have too often left economic life to self-serving experts, to the idolatry of an "invisible hand," to the rule of greed. Here, too, we are meant to be prophets." [351]

Damon Vrabel

"In such a system there is never enough money to pay back all the interest to the money pushers. The only solution is for the money users-government, corporations, individuals-to borrow more. This is the reason our debt continues skyrocketing to increasingly insane levels. It isn't about politics, but the fundamental exponential math underlying the system-the users must borrow more and more to pay back interest and keep the system afloat."

"So this system is guaranteed to fail due to not only the impossible math, but also the fundamental immorality. Taken together those five issues paint a horrible picture. Republicans blame Democrats and vice-versa. Nope. It's all a very simple result of a system based on usury, which used to be considered profoundly immoral. It was a fundamental violation of every major religion. It still is for Islam, but Christianity succumbed long ago. They thought a free market economic system would be beneficial, but got snookered into thinking that usury had to be part of that system. On the contrary, monolithic usury kills the free market." [354]


"The current system ends up eventually transferring all the assets of the borrowers to the lenders." [355]


"The current monetary system is an extension of the Bank of England and was planned in 1910. There was a secret gathering of 7 men at a place called Jekyll Island, Georgia hosted by Nelson Aldrich.

These gentlemen spent nine days planning the Federal Reserve Banking System and the Internal Revenue Service. They knew exactly what they were doing and knew what the ultimate result or fruit of the system would be.

The main purposes of the system are;

The plan followed a devious plot from the start. The name itself makes it sound like a federal agency. The word bank was eliminated to disguise the central bank nature. It was split up into twelve regional banks to further convince that it wasn't a cartel or single bank. It was set up with a very conservative nature that has been changed little by little in un-noticed fashion. University professors have been used from the start to give it the appearance of academic approval." [355]


"The operation of the Federal Reserve System during the years 1913 to 1933 under authority of our Congress used the nations Gold to back their currency and at the same time charge the nation interest on loans that it had made. This is like charging interest on our own gold. The gold was taken to pay the interest, in fact most of our gold was shipped out of the country." [355]

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"In order to just keep the system running, the total debt in the economy has to grow exponentially until the end of time, and can never be repaid fully. That means the economy has to grow continuously in order to generate the income to pay back the continuously growing debt. And that means more interest must be paid, resulting in an ever-increasing and inescapable spiral of mounting indebtedness." [356]

Nathan Vanderhoofven 2011

"It is mathematically impossible for all loans in existence to be paid back with interest. A certain amount of defaults and bankruptcies are necessary for the system to work." [357]

Wayne Walton

"And it is impossible for all borrowers to pay their mortgage regardless of the interest (usury) rate unless it is zero. More money is always owed than what exists in the system." [358]

Paul Adams blogger 2013

"The world financial system seems complex but it is actually very simple: a cabal of bankers has conquered the world by lending people and governments money that does not exist and charging interest on it. No lasting economic recovery or increased standard of living is possible for the majority unless usury and the political power of bankers are abolished."

"The ancient Israelites called usury "a bite." It is like the slow poison of a serpent: "Usury does not all at once destroy a man or nation with, as it were, a bloody gulp. Rather, it slowly, sometimes nearly imperceptibly, subverts the victim's constitution until he cannot prevent the fatal consequences even though he knows what is coming."

"Modern churches and synagogues remain silent in the face of this great evil. And today, the money changers (high-level bankers) have conquered the world with usury as their discreet weaponry. It is the fraudulent foundation of nearly all economies through debt-based currencies issued by privately owned central banks, fractional reserve lending, mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, business loans, and IMF loans.

The most powerful money changers have established think-tanks with their ill-gotten gains, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group, which control all major political parties (The Establishment)."

"When bankers create money faster than the economy grows, the purchasing power of the dollar declines which is known as inflation. The majority of the population is competing like wild animals during a famine to earn enough money to pay their debts and feed their families."

Home Mortgage Usury

A thirty-year-debt-slave is someone that has a home mortgage. First, the debtor is borrowing money that was created out of nothing through fractional reserve lending.

Second, after years of making payments, the debtor may become injured or unemployed. The bank will then foreclose and sell the house. The bank will keep the proceeds of the sale and all the principal and interest that the borrower paid prior to going into default. ...

Credit Card Usury

Those who do not pay off their credit cards each month are slaves to usury. The average Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for a credit card in the United States is 14.95%. Credit cards with APRs above 20% are common.

In California, the Attorney General admits that limits on usury applicable to individuals making loans "do not apply to most lending institutions such as banks, credit unions, finance companies, pawn brokers, etc."

Student Loan Usury

Approximately 40 million Americans have borrowed money to attend college. The average balance is close to $25,000. Nearly 50 percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or working in jobs that don't require a college degree and pay accordingly. Students should know that in most cases student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy." [359]


"A long-existing and self-perpetuating tax-immune internationalist-transnationalist group uses fronts with inter-locking corporate and or fraternal group of individuals, whose membership is either secret or semi-secret, with undisclosed ownership shares, has usurped the sovereignty of borrowing national governments (who serve their lenders). It includes largely unrevealed yet reported campaign contributors who also control the media and press, all major political parties, and dictates presidential appointments. It abhors the direct issuance of money by elected officials and through the creation of a system of privately-owned and controlled central banks, holds all of the world's gold and all loan and mortgage paperwork.

Its business is conducted in secret meetings which determine the future of all national economies and the timing of expansion (through loans) or contraction (through no loans). It exercises an exclusive monopoly of the issuance of money created out of thin air and issued solely as debt, does not create money to repay the interest, and lives off perpetual national debts that consume future income and under international law cannot be repudiated even by an internal political revolution. At least for others, it tends to be pro-bureaucracy, pro-abortion/population control, pro-government education, anti-family, anti-nationalist, anti-inheritance, anti-private property and anti-Jesus Christ. This group can demand special privileges and even military force to collect "national" debts.

It plans to soon accomplish global disarmament (of both civilians and nations) and have a monopoly on force (including nuclear weapons). It has the privilege of a guaranteed untaxable income enforced by liens on all public and personal property and collected by the coercive force of the taxing structure of the various governments. The basis for its continued existence is continued usury and unforgiving collection of all debts resulting from committing the highest crime of usury." [360]



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